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    1. Technologies Case studies
      Technologies Case studies

      Southern Packaging Group Limited

      Southern Packaging Group is one of the important members of the global plastic packaging field. We served the global Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical Household and Personal Care industries with our dedicated enthusiasm for decades. Southern Packaging Group is a listed company of Singapore Stock Exchange Main Board. With our continuous R&D and innovation capabilities, large-scale production capacity and standardized and excellent quality management system, Southern Packaging provides plastic packaging solutions for many well-known enterprises and top 500 enterprises around the world.

      We cooperate with well-known enterprises around the world to improve and to enhance our supply chain. We are able to deeply serve the publics and realize the value of packaging through these brands. We have broad R&D capabilities in polymer field, numerous production equipments and technologies for rigid and flexible plastic packaging, high-level clean room in production area, rigorous concept in sustainability and standard ISO management system.

      We leverage on our established and resourceful research and development platform to provide complete packaging solutions for our customers. In our packaging industry, qualities such as environmental friendliness, cleanliness and safety are fundamental. We retain and strengthen our competitive advantages by the continuous development of our cutting-edge polymer chemistry technologies and expertise in material sciences and plastic molding. We firmly believe in developing packaging with social responsibility.

      As one of the standard makers of China's plastic packaging industry, Southern Packaging leads the innovation and development of the industry.

      • 40+
        Focus on packaging solutions
      • 1100+
      • 3+
        Production bases
      • 30+
        Global supply
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