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    1. Technologies Case studies
      Technologies Case studies
      Talent concept

      Talents are the first productivity of an enterprise and the greatest wealth that an enterprise relies on to survive. We should establish an effective personnel management system and put the right people in the right positions. The company pays attention to the selection, training and potential exploration of talents.

      Employment mechanism

      The company insists on providing employees with a platform and opportunity to play their abilities, and trains our core management roles of the company through perfect mechanisms such as talent selection, internal promotion, job rotation, etc..
      The company recruits graduates from well-known universities in China every year, and constantly enriches our talent pool.


      The company attaches great importance to the needs of employees' career development and self promotion, and we committed to create a good working atmosphere and a wonderful working environment. Company will organize all kinds of training, provide sufficient development for our employees, to ensure talent force for the rapid development of Southern Packaging.

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