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    1. Technologies Case studies
      Technologies Case studies


      Decorate the world and strive for perfection


      To continuously invest in technology in order to meet the emerging of the market; To strengthen our quality capability to satisfied different customer needs; To produce safe and environmental friendly products that would benefit the society; To ensure long term value for our investors; To create a platform for our employees to do their best and ensure constant development.

      Core Values

      Quality First、Safety First、Technology Innovation、Sustainability

      Quality First、Safety First

      We conduct all-round quality management, including quality management system maintenance, process quality control, project quality management and testing center. It guarantees the quality and safety of the whole supply chain from upstream suppliers, manufacturing to end customers.

      Technology Innovation、Sustainability

      The key to the breakthrough development of an enterprise is the endlessly innovation. The company insists on improving its competitiveness with technological innovation. We are committed to promote the environmental protection development of the global plastic packaging industry,  to achieve sustainability and creating  a better life. 
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